The Murray mouth for #ringbalin #indigenous #worldriverday

The works created by Myself, Fintan Magee, Apeseven and Gemma O’Brien during the three-day live painting event will be auctioned at the conclusion of Project Five Volume Seven. As always, in line with Project Five’s commitment to strengthening community ties through creativity, all proceeds are dedicated to the support of not-for-profit arts initiatives. 100% of the auction sales are donated to charity and all purchases are 100% tax deductible.

Art Auction for Charity

The Art Auction for Charity will be held at the conclusion of Project Five Volume 7, where the works created during the live painting event will be sold and all proceeds donated to Australian not-for-profit arts initiatives. The auction will be hosted by Anne Phillips, from Art Market Works, who has been a supporter of all seven of Project Five’s Volumes. Previous auctioneers have included Patrick Abboud (SBS), Fenella Kernebone (ABC) and Tom Tilley (Triple J).

More information and images of the artwork will be published on this website right after the Live Art Events on Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September.

The auction event is by invitation only. If you wish to attend please register your interest with: #vanstheomega

It’s official that I’ll be out with these legends amongst an incredible line up this year painting letters in Wollongong for ival @ironlak

The installations are all in place at #darlingquarter for #project5 round 7 in Sydney this Friday. Come and see the works of #ambushgallery #vanstheomega

This coming Friday the works for #project5 will all be unveiled in #darlingquarter Sydney. Full details here: #ambushgallery #artandabout #vanstheomega

Coming very soon to #darlingquarter #project5 #artandabout #ambushgallery #vanstheomega

Details of the section-“Zero point Omega” whether you can see it or not energy in many forms plays the vital role in living this life. In an abstract way I try to create balance through shape and colour representing woven energies all working in perfect order simultaneously. You will find this work alongside the talented for Project5 #darlingquarter #artandabout #ambushgallery All details are up on the site now

A closer detail of the final section painted for the installation at #darlingquarter for #project5 #ambushgallery #artandabout #vanstheomega

I always like to push my own boundaries with the medium I fell in love with as a kid doing graffiti. This work is all freehand spray paint- frustrating at times, yes. Tedious yes, but the rewards lie at the end with patience. This last week has been exhausting and painful but the end is in sight ready for #project5 #darlingquarter #artandabout #ambushgallery #vanstheomega

Very busy working in the studio for the upcoming #project5 #ambushgallery #darlingquarter #artandabout #vanstheomega

An extremely talented artist by the name of painted this portrait of myself a couple years back titled “omega” Since then he has moved from Adelaide to Los Angeles receiving international acclaim with his last 2 sold out shows. It’s a pleasure to watch him continually grow and rise to his own extremely high standards. Follow for a look into mastery in fine art. All the very best mate

Dropped a funk nugget for my homie #vanstheomega @ironlak ylic Great day out with

Kitchen game on lock. The latest commission work in #SouthAustralia #vanstheomega #geometric

Scale of the latest piece. Shot by @andre_c for o #Glenelg #colourthestreets #vanstheomega