Infrastructure opens next Friday night for all you local Adelaidians. I’ll have a couple new works for sale along with my talented local friends. See you there

Today’s purchase @1xrun ewart

The morning view @sofles

Brother getting it on

making progress on the blue prints in #christchurch #risefestival #rise13

Rolling down Columbo in #quakecity #Chch self portraits and lazer beams with #vanstheomega #risefestival

Another collaboration with for #risefestival #christchurch @ironlak

Yo’ll know the name. @sofles ruling the spot

2nd down. Freestyle in Christchurch. Needed some valuable time with Letters @ironlak

Game Over! Follow this king and pioneer of Australian graffiti One of the best hand styles worldwide since forever

All 4 limited edition hand crafted tables with are sold out! Thank you for all the support-it was way beyond my expectations

Suffa gets a make over from @smugone n Vansy

DJ Debris is done @smugone

Good morning. Time for a coffee table? 1 of 4 custom hand crafted pieces with

Dinner time