Scale. My wish is to go bigger. My dream is to be better. The goal is to be all that I can be, utilizing every bit of my ability in what ever form this takes with a conscious heart/mind. #anythingispossible

Good to knock this one on the head and real happy with the outcome. Out the back of ters if your local. Hope you like 👍✌️ ylic @ironlak

Almost there. A large portrait of the lovely shot by the talented

Lean, Stretch, Twist, Push n Pull. Chop, Slide, Punch, Chip and Extend. Consider movement #lovethyletters

#pixelpancho getting it done. #publicperth

The latest highlights with for #publicperth Amazing week away with so many talented Artists. Thanks again @formwa

We see you with for #publicperth @formwa #vanstheomega

On to the Next @form_wa ylic #spraysmart

Getting it done

Snakes alive. ROA going at it for #publicperth2014

Still got the love for letters. Dedicated to ewart #tmdfamily #F1 #GM ylic

A show not to be missed. My favorite illustrator and all round genius ewart #tmdfamily

Play time and experiments. #sugarartistacrylic

@dymskov knows how to get the shot. #movidamelbourne

Launch party tonight in Melbourne #zxflux #carbon2014 #vanstheomega