After 21 days straight and clocking up 230 hours of work to get this finished under some extreme weather conditions I can finally say this project for #commonground is complete. Thanks to all the people that gave me encouragement along the way after 12 hour days this really helped get me over the line and helped me push through fatigue, sea legs from spending all day on a lifter and exhaustion. A special thanks to my bro @epykbg for helping me out on the first few days on the geometry and for the laughs. The title of this work is Hemispheres and is a representation of the masculine and feminine. In a perfect world there is balance of the 2 even through they are completely unique they each hold the key to each other. The mother and child represent the 2 hemispheres of the brain amongst the supporting energy of the geometry which is close to mirror but not quite. The child represents the future and is holding the knowledge of past and present which is symbolised by the colourful top he wears. The patterns, geometries and colour all contain information and are keys to a balanced life. Thank you to Roberta and Pauly for being my portrait models and to the residents of common ground for all the well wishes and support. #7stories #radelaide #Adelaidecity @ironlak lics #TMD #F1 #GM #vanstheomega

Portrait progress at #commonground #adelaidecity without the windows showing you would know this is 3 stories high