Progress in the #adelaidecentralmarket The freestyle mandala took forever. Now time for #kab101 to put a signature touch to the outside ring.


This is the complete painting ‘Inferno’ that I cut down into 32 segments and have for sale for only $140.00 NZD each on right now! Check the process video here: 

The plan is to channel the money made from selling these into renovating the front 150 sqm of our warehouse studio into an exhibition space. This will be the first of it’s kind in the neighbourhood of Onehunga in Auckland and likely the only space showing the type of artists we have lined up. It’s exciting and hoping to make this entirely possible through the sale of my art.


This Saturday directly after our x @jslv release, we will be heading over to known to support our friends @zesmsk and on there shows!!! See you guys there!

Get to this show- If only I could

KAB101 is working on this background as part of our joint production inside #adelaidecentralmarket #vanstheomega

Up close and personal. #rise13 #christchurchcity @ironlak

Finito! I had so much love and support on this Project. Thanks #christchurchcity Pauly, Freak. #RISE13 and everyone who came to visit, bring gifts, cook and deliver coffee. You made all the difference while I was freezing my ass off up in the sky.

Toast(Ata Bozaci) did this portrait of me from a super Ol photo. What a gun. His new show looks amazing. #brotherfromanotherturkishmother #since 1990

You know the name. Blessed to wake up to an inbox with burners like this staring back at me. Another 💣 @berst_g

My extremely talented brother from Rome is coming to visit me in #adelaide I’ve got some good news for the locals. Hold tight

Run it

Sneak peak at a new project I started this week. #vanstheomega #sammyd

Pushing myself on Day 2 #adelaidecentralmarket #vanstheomega #kab101

Lining up for a new project with #kab101 Having a crack at the portrait game to give myself a challenge.