Love thy letter #Brooklyn

Save the date and join us in #Wollongong Promises to be massive

The latest styles in #Brooklyn with @gregbfb @persue1 Thanks to @hoacs for the spot #vanstheomega #bunnykitty

Details in the #BX alongside #Host48 @wencod #Sabe #VTOHoliday #vanstheomega

Getting it done in #NY Thanks to Hoacs and @roachi for making it happen. Great day out with @persue1 Cheers for the pic guys. #Ironlak #yardmaster

#julesbastienlapage Wandering around the met catching masters of craft #NY

One of the most amazing spots I have visited on the planet. #Iceland #VTOHoliday

Private tour in Reyk today with and got to meet some inspiring locals. #Iceland

I’ve been doing my best to brighten up Adelaide for the past month. This portrait of on took 3 days to complete in the heart of the city. Thanks you #YHA and for making this possible. Massive thanks to my lil brother for the time he put in to help me finish on time. See you next month #radelaide it’s time for a new adventure in a far away land. ✌️

A piece I just finished at #PortAdelaide titled “Forever” dedicated to n87 the wall extends 6 meters to the right and 32 meters to the left. #5daysnoworriesimsmashed thanks to for helping me fill out some of the sections and for the ripper company #renewelsa #valentinopizza

Finished section for #firstcoat Toowoomba. Thanks Bat for being my model and special thanks to all the crew #vanstheomega @ironlak

At the end of day 2 at #firstcoat Toowoomba my section is starting to shape up. Massive day ahead to get the rest of the 21 meter section done. See you out there on Margaret St. #vanstheomega @ironlak