Australian surf legend Matt Hoy has done a stellar job on my custom short board complete with grip and a killer design. Thanks so much @hoy666 Can’t wait to take this for a test ride!!!

The Horror story is complete #vanstheomega #TMD #F1 #GM @ironlak

Having some fun with this freestyle. I’m not into themed graffiti anymore unless it’s done properly with balance, ability and heart. I’m savoring the moments working on this one as I know I have a lot of large walls coming up that will push in new directions for the sake of art and to give my hungry body and mind a new challenge. I thought a lot about all my friends over the world today who I have enjoyed time painting, growing and learning from. I feel very grateful about it all. Thank you Familia all over the planet and beyond. #TMD #F1 #GM @ironlak

Completed wall for #NexusArts in Adelaide City. #geometricgonehectic #vanstheomega

Jared Bazley got some great pics of my wall asters last week. Incredible space with attention to detail. If you are in #surfersparadise then check it out #4217 #vanstheomega

Night moves #paradox #4217 #vanstheomega #neversleepinforevercreating

Our collaborative paintings came alive with this floor installation ry for #converge with is still on show in #portheadland thanks to @formwa with #vanstheomega

It was agreed turn out last night for CONVERGE ry . This collaborative show by will be here for 3 months so if you find yourself in #portheadland then go check it out. Thanks for all the support @form and all the amazing people we met up here. #artinthepilbara

#PUBLIC is underway with this finish wall from Beastman and myself in #portheadland as part of our #converge show opening tonight at ry 6pm. Come past to see some inspired works from the #Pilbara in a topographic format. Thanks so much to the crew @formwa for all the support and positivity. always great to hang and paint mate👍

This is my collaboration with #shifuchun titled Masters Apprectice which is showing at The Tate Gallery in Glebe NSW for the very last group show #untilnexttime thanks to @roachi and the boys who have got me involved and put in a lot of hard work with this space. #vanstheomega

After 21 days straight and clocking up 230 hours of work to get this finished under some extreme weather conditions I can finally say this project for #commonground is complete. Thanks to all the people that gave me encouragement along the way after 12 hour days this really helped get me over the line and helped me push through fatigue, sea legs from spending all day on a lifter and exhaustion. A special thanks to my bro @epykbg for helping me out on the first few days on the geometry and for the laughs. The title of this work is Hemispheres and is a representation of the masculine and feminine. In a perfect world there is balance of the 2 even through they are completely unique they each hold the key to each other. The mother and child represent the 2 hemispheres of the brain amongst the supporting energy of the geometry which is close to mirror but not quite. The child represents the future and is holding the knowledge of past and present which is symbolised by the colourful top he wears. The patterns, geometries and colour all contain information and are keys to a balanced life. Thank you to Roberta and Pauly for being my portrait models and to the residents of common ground for all the well wishes and support. #7stories #radelaide #Adelaidecity @ironlak lics #TMD #F1 #GM #vanstheomega

Portrait 2 on the #commonground city apartment is complete. Pic of the entire wall coming soon. #vanstheomega

Portrait progress at #commonground #adelaidecity without the windows showing you would know this is 3 stories high

Time to go in on the portraits and let the geometry set the background mood. The work is titled #Hemispheres What looks almost identical as an Image can have significant differences in terms of output, creativity and ability. This represents each side of the brain- masculine and feminine alike. The idea is to find the balancing point between them, expand and grow so that we reach a maximum potential.
#commonground #vanstheomega

Presented by @formwa as the main event of the #PUBLIC: Art in the Pilbara Festival, ‘Converge’ is the first collaborative exhibition by and Myself featuring new paintings and installation inspired by the Pilbara’s unique aerial topographies and dramatic landscapes. Opening at Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery on Friday 13th March 2015. #vanstheomega #Pilbara